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You have seen something wonderful. You have viewed all the photos and videos and want to know more. Call, email or Whatsapp us.


We honestly discuss the current condition of the vehicle, the final price and what exactly is included for this price.


We confirm the discussed details by invoice. On this invoice you will find your (company) details, the purchased unit(s) and even the final shipping costs. Of course we add our general terms and conditions.


If you pay by bank, make sure you pay into our ABN AMRO bank account. Always check our bank details before making a transaction.

IBAN: NL74 ABNA 053 405 6008



Once we have received your full payment, we will begin the final technical check of your purchased unit(s). When your unit is ready for transport, we call our transport partners. From Moerdijk it goes safely on a trailer to the departure port of your choice. Usually this is Antwerp (Belgium), Rotterdam (NL) or Amsterdam (NL). It will arrive at your port within a few weeks by ship and your truck will be ready for use.

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