Our story From a little boy to an enthusiastic truck trader

How did we start?

Our story

As a small man, Bastiaan Bronkhorst liked to roam the grounds of his father's transport company. Growing up among the trucks, however, he never thought that he would later trade them in himself. About 25 years later, nothing could be further from the truth. For example, Bastiaan not only trades in trucks, father Huib Bronkhorst also walks over his son's grounds. A beautiful family history, in which a close-knit team ensures that trucks from Europe get a second life on other continents.

Meet the team

The company

The now mature company was started in 2013 by Bastiaan Bronkhorst with two partners. Learned a lot as young entrepreneurs, stumbled well and fortunately also celebrated great successes. In 2017, the partners separated and Bastiaan took over the company completely.

Our vision

This is how the solo path started with a pure vision: 'building a real company'. And that's it. The original location in Moerdijk has since been exchanged for our current location in Roosendaal. We are a company that works hard, after all there are not many of us. Yet we laugh a lot, we often ponder and, above all, we are very happy with sincere people around us. There is nothing better than closing the gate after special encounters, a good conversation and a decent deal. We are therefore happy to tell you more personally about our story. Feel free to drop by for a cup of coffee and a nice truck.

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