The Truck Journey of your trucks

A nice ride

Treasure Hunt

Europe fits into Africa almost 3 times in terms of surface area. Due to these relatively short distances and good roads on the European continent, we or our agents are happy to go out to collect the most beautiful used trucks and trailers. We do this in the Netherlands, but also in countries such as Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, and Romania.

Inbound transport

After purchase, the trucks go to the Netherlands. By loading trucks instead of driving them on the road to our yard, we can increase the influx of trucks and reduce the risk of damage along the way.

Technical checks

In the Netherlands they are delivered to us in Roosendaal. At this location, between Rotterdam and Antwerp, they end up in our workshop. Here our technicians check the trucks on a fixed number of technical points. If the truck is in order, it will be washed and neatly photographed.

Our technical checklist

First heads up
in the VIP app

Our VIP list will be the first to receive the newly arrived units. They can filter the cherries from the masses before our stock is distributed to all marketplaces.

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Customers of all over the world

This is how our trucks reach a huge audience. We are lucky to have customers from South America, Europe and especially Africa. Every week trucks leave by boat to countries such as Nigeria, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Guinea and Sierra Leone.

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With excellent support

Customers give us our right to exist. You mean the world to our business, so we aim to treat you well. That's why personal service is key for us. We aim to guide you in buying the right used truck.

Invoice and documents

That is why we offer you a complete set of professional documents. Full invoices with clear payment instructions for your bank and all further documents associated with your vehicle.

Worldwide transportation

We have experience in shipping trucks all over the world via RoRo sea transportation.

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Customer service

When you buy trucks from us, customer service doesn't end when you leave our yard. We strive to answer your questions, inform you about possible shipping times and much more. Whether it's your first truck or your 100th, we're here to help.